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Keeping Landlords and Commercial Property Owners Secure in Sonoma and Napa, CA


If you’re a property investor or commercial property owner then you face many risks that can result in financial losses.  From homes and condos to apartments and special dwellings, your properties present exposures that, if realized, necessitate protection.  At North Bay Insurance brokers, we provide landlords and commercial property owners with insurance packages that cover a broad spectrum of risks and provide complete protection for the right price.


Coverages Tailored to Your Properties and Operations


In many ways, a landlords policy is like a homeowners policy for commercial property owners; it covers liability, property, and structures.  One significant difference between homeowners insurance and landlords insurance is the absence of personal property coverage in landlords insurance.  Additionally, collectibles and valuable and special property items are excluded from this type of policy.  


Most landlords policies include standard coverages and these coverage types are often similar from property to property, but they differ according to the unique aspects of each operation.  Additional coverages that are neither basic nor standard also differ according to each operation’s unique elements.  These coverages are parts of what make landlords insurance policies complete.    


At North Bay Insurance Brokers, we offer a wide variety of coverages, both standard and non-standard.  These coverages include:


Standard Coverages


·         Dwelling protection

·         Other structures

·         Liability coverage

·         Fair rental income coverage

·         Premises medical protection

·         Vandalism coverage

·         Burglary coverage

·         Rental property under construction

·         Building code

·         General liability


Additional Coverages


·         Legal fees

·         Loss of rent

·         Additional rental business insurance

·         Umbrella liability

·         Workers compensation

·         Additional natural disaster coverage


If your commercial properties reside in a high-risk area for floods then you may need to purchase separate flood insurance policies in order to be completely covered.  The same goes for earthquakes; if your properties are in areas in which earthquakes are likely, then purchasing earthquake insurance may be necessary.  These and other details are worked out with a dedicated agent when you purchase a landlords insurance policy through North Bay Insurance Brokers.


We’re committed to helping you customize your insurance plan so that it meets your needs for the right costs.  


Working with North Bay Insurance Brokers


Working with an independent insurance agency helps you compare quotes and review policies from different insurance providers.  It also helps you determine your limits and deductibles so that your coverage is complete and priced right.  Additionally, an independent agent helps you reduce risk and manage claims, both of which are critical to making the most of your insurance and saving money over time.


At North Bay Insurance Brokers, we conduct detailed assessments of properties and operations and we take precise inventories of assets.  These efforts help us identify the right coverages for our clients and ultimately develop the best solutions.  In developing these solutions, we work carefully to help clients take advantage of benefits and discounts that reduce costs and save money.  North Bay is happy to do the same for you.


To find out more, please give us a call or contact us.  You can request a quote to learn about some of the details of a policy.  


North Bay Insurance Brokers is proud to provide landlords insurance in Sonoma and Napa, CA.  We serve other areas of California as well.



North Bay Insurance Brokers focuses on delivering quality insurance products with a personalized, hands-on experience that sets us apart in today's market.

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