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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

Join North Bay Insurance Brokers in backing up your homeowners insurance coverage through this important free resource

Understanding the risks that face your home is just a part of the battle—just as important is implementing the proactive measures necessary to keep your future totally secure, no matter what lays ahead.  One integral strategy is homeowners insurance inventory, designed to keep detailed information on each asset in your home.  If the worst should happen, this info will significantly reduce the headache and potential losses incurred during the claims process.


A great resource available to our customers is the Insurance Information Institute (III) which strives to properly educate consumers on the always-changing insurance industry.  They provide a multitude of articles, blogs, and online resources designed to help you get the most from your insurance.  Visit their site to find some of the useful tools available.


The III has generously designed and provides Know Your Stuff®, a free homeowners insurance inventory program available to all insured.  The program allows users to easily create a custom inventory for their home which can be accessed anywhere.  Whether at home in Sonoma or across the states, you can have quick access to your inventory and be able to edit, revise, and send your inventory.  While the future is unclear, North Bay Insurance Brokers encourage all our home insurance customers to utilize this excellent resource to make sure tomorrow is totally secure.


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Are you a smart phone user and interested in keeping homeowners insurance inventory?  Know Your Stuff® by the III is available free on iPhone and Android devices.

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Some homeowners utilize other avenues to document their home's assets.  Below, homeowners insurance inventory sheets are provided.  By clicking below, you can download this resource as an XLSX file—next, tour your home, carefully  category to account for each asset.  We encourage you to keep both digital files and print copies with yourself, and close family and friends.  If we are able to help, please give us a call at 864-271-9125 or contact us online.

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