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Over 426,000 handheld cell phone and texting convictions were reported in California in 2013

80% of vehicle crashes are a result of driver inattention, often caused by handheld cell phone usage.  It is against the law to send, write, or read a text message, yet thousands break this law every day, risking dangerous, potentially fatal consequences.  While auto insurance will protect you from costly fallout from an accident, we at North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. believe that the best coverage starts with safe driving practices.  No text message is as important as your well-being.

It is especially important that we promote these values amongst our young drivers.  Teens are not only more likely to drive distracted, but also make up the largest portion of fatal accidents resulting from distracted driving.  Establishing good driving practices from the time a young driver receives his or her temporary permit can eliminate the distraction of cell phones for a lifetime.

Download the contract below courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Discuss with your family and close friends and Take the Pledge together to make our California roads a safer place for everyone.


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